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What hosting should I choose, SEO Hosting, VPS, Dedicated or shared hosting?

What hosting should I choose, SEO Hosting, VPS, Dedicated or shared hosting?


If you are starting to make a new website, you need to have a web hosting. The hosting you choose should be able to meet your site needs. There are various types of hosting. You can choose from SEO hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated or shared hosting. Those hosting offers different services to assist you in providing web content to your customers. Check below for more information on the different hosting services. This will help you decide what hosting you will choose.


SEO hosting

SEO hosting will give you the flexibility to set up several websites that have initial class C IP address using just one account. It can help your SEO marketing strategy with hosting providers allowing you to create an account, have a multirole C-class IPs and services included with your plan. It is a good means of spreading out your marketing all over multiple IPs, Class Cs, DNS and various locations. The main goal is to put your up as number one on search engine results page (SERP).


VPS hosting

The virtual private server (VPS) hosting is not a physical server instead of a service provided by internet hosting companies.  You will have high-level access to your own duplicate operating system (OS) to allow you to put in any software that can run on the OS. It can be a managed or unmanaged hosting. It is more cost effective than a physical server. It will let you take care of various customers and run several sites with one virtual private server (VPN) to save you time and cost.


Dedicated hosting

A dedicated hosting service also is known as managed hosting service. It is a type of Internet hosting in which the customer lease a whole server and not shared with somebody else. Managing the server is frequently provided as a complementary service by the hosting company. The dedicated hosting service is extra flexible than shared hosting.  Organizations can have complete control above the servers with the preference of operating system (OS), hardware, and others.



Shared hosting

Shared hosting also called shared web hosting service is a web hosting service with numerous websites residing on a single web server linked to the Internet. It is the most affordable web hosting service because the cost will be divided over other customers. Since the hosting service is shared among a lot of users, it comes with system administration. Many users prefer it because they benefit from not dealing with system administration. The power users are hindered though because they cannot have more control.


Choosing the right hosting is essential to establish your website. You can choose among the four general hosting from SEO hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting or shared hosting. The SEO hosting is usually used by shopping website owners to have a wider market. VPS hosting is quite cost effective than having your physical server. Dedicated hosting is best for users who needs more control on the servers. The shared hosting has the most affordable cost among all servers but provides less control.


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