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Terms Of Service

Account Creation and Activation

Please use valid info while creating the account. All accounts are approved automatically. We use Maxmind IP verification system for online fraud prevention. It is recommended to use real info in case problem occur our team will reach you by some of the contact info you have provided, phone,skype or email.

Contact Information

Customers agreed to keep their information (email) up to date. We will use that email to send new generated invoices, due invoices, service suspension and any other related information regarding your service.


  • You agree to pay for the service in advance and on time. You have option to choose billing cycle according your needs.
  • If payment for the service is not on time  you need to pay additional fee for service reactivation.
  • After service is suspended you have 5 days until your service is fully terminated.
  • Manual added payments and account credits can be used for future services.
  • All payments are done through the website, we will never ask for payment on Skype or email.
  • We accept multiple payment gateways and we are planning to add more soon.

Customer Responsibility

  • The Customer is responsible for content that is uploaded to his account.
  • He is also responsible for the actions of his client using account within our network and servers.
  • In Case QHost Terms are violated we reserve the right to terminate account immediately and inform the customer via email.
  • No Refund will be sent if the customer violate any of the QHost Terms.


We have ZERO SPAM Tolerance

We are constantly monitor all accounts for any unusual activity. SPAM accounts will be terminated immediately. If the customer continue abusing the server with other account will be permanently removed.

Resource usage

We have a fair account usage policy

If the customer is overusing the server resources will be informed to upgrade to bigger package. If he failed to do it will result with service suspension.

If you need a mail service we recommend to get VPS or dedicated server, mailing from shared server is not allowed.

Uptime guarantee

We can guarantee 99% up time to our customer.

Please note that maintenance is not consider as down time. When maintenance is performed customer will be informed by email

If you notice any issues with your service you can open support ticket anytime at our website.

Ticket System

We are using advanced ticket system. We have a dedicated support team that will answer your tickets 24/7.

When you open a ticket be specific about your problem, so our team can help you in the fastest time frame.


Cancellation Requests

Cancellation request can be placed through client area. Only the cancellation request that are sent through the client area will be processed. Cancellation requets that are sent to email will be not consider as legitimate.

It takes 7 days for the cancellation process to be completed.

Prohibited Content

Customers agree to not use our service for any illegal activity.

  • Warez websites/hacks/tools/exploit
  • Proxy scripts
  • Websites promoting illegal content
  • Botnet Administration ( strictly forbidden )
  • Child Pornography ( strictly forbidden )
  • No Spamming/mailing from server
  • IP Scanners

And other related scripts/content/programs that are illegal.

Violating any of the above terms will lead to immediately ban

Money back guarantee

If we are unable to deliver the service in the 15 days time frame customer will receive full refund.

Once service is delivered no refund can be sent. All payments are final.

Domain registration/renewal, SSL, Custom Software license cannot be refunded.

Service Delivery

Shared hosting and VPSs are delivered instantly.

Dedicated servers are usually delivered in 24 working hours ( we do not operate during weekend ).

If we are unable to deliver the service full refund will be sent.


Changing the Terms

We reserve the right to change the TERMS OF SERVICE at any time.