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Top 5 reasons why you should be using SEO hosting

Top 5 reasons why you should be using SEO hosting

Why should you use SEO optimized hosting? You may be asking yourself that question. And it is probably the reason why you are reading this article. There are numerous benefits for you and your websites that SEO hosting offers. And the top reasons for signing up for such a service will be listed below. Read on and discover what SEO is hosting has to offer you, as an online marketer and SEO specialist.

SEO specialists will know that there are penalties that search engines will place on websites that share the same IP. If a search engine detects that website is being hosted by a single IP, search engines will drop the ranking of those websites. A workaround for that is by using an SEO optimized hosting service, which will use multiple class C IPs to disguise the website’s IPs, to make them look more unique.


  1. Optimized for Search Engines

SEO hosting services that are specifically for SEO websites are tuned for search engines. They will increase the chances of your links appearing at the top pages. This is very valuable to online marketers who want more traffic to their websites. SEO optimized hosting services are built with the needs of those online marketers in mind. Websites being hosted on SEO optimized services will find that SEO hosting provides many benefits for their websites.

  1. Speed

Website speed depends primarily on the responsiveness of the server it is being hosted on. SEO optimized hosting is tailored toward hosting multiple websites on servers. You can be assured of fast response times in regards to your websites. Speed is a huge factor when considering SEO rankings. And by using SEO hosting services, you gain quite an advantage over other competing websites.

  1. Safety and security

SEO optimized hosting protects multiple websites from attacks. Whenever any of your websites suffer from a distributed denial service, SEO hosting services have safeties in place. Your websites will virtually suffer from no down time. What is more is that SEO hosting services often will protect your data too? Normal hosting services will not hide your IP address, from search engines or hackers. SEO optimized hosting services disguises your website’s IP, so your identity is safe.

  1. SEO awareness of hosting services

Most hosting services are not aware of what kinds of needs SEO websites would need. If they do not understand what SEO is, they will not understand your methods and could potentially harm your search ranking. SEO optimized hosting services will understand what SEO is, and know what kinds of needs you will have for your websites. Normal hosting services could damage what you are trying to achieve through SEO. While SEO optimized hosting, services could aid you in your search engine rankings.

  1. Availability of websites

Whenever your website is down, its reputation could be damaged. To prevent this from happening, SEO optimized hosting services are more reliable in availability, compared to normal hosting services. You will not be losing any traffic to your websites anymore because of server down time.


SEO optimized hosting providers will be the best bet for those looking for hosting solutions that cater specifically for SEO needs.


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