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How To Transfer Website From One Cpanel To Another?

How To Transfer Website From One Cpanel To Another?
You can transfer your website one cPanel to another. Do not back up because it will only restore and might ruin the configuration of your new hosting account. You should not use the Backup Wizard in cPanel to transfer a site to a new host.  It is best to transfer your website instead. If you have not tried it before, you just need to make sure your cPanel is already configured properly. You will just need to do a few steps to successfully transfer your website.


  1. First, go into your cPanel file manager. It will pull up the file manager directory selection box. Select the Home Directory. You can have the show hidden files box ticked off. Locate the directory and file you want to move to the new hosting account. It is usually the public_html directory that holds the files or data for your website. If you have subdomain directories, select them too.


  1. Highlight the directory then click on compress. You will be asked for the compression type.

Use the compression type you prefer. The Zip Archive compression type is usually preferred. Then click on the compressed file(s) button. Wait for the directory to be compressed.


  1. After compression, the file will be available for download. Highlight the directory and click on download link. Backing up the MySQL database will just need the backup wizard. Click on the backup link and MySQL Database. Click on the database you want to backup. Wait for it to download.


  1. You can now start the restoration process on the new hosting account. Go to the new hosting account. Restore the MySQL database. Go to the backup wizard and click on restore. Click MySQL database. Click on choose file button. Select your database, the file name usually ends with .sql.gz or .sql then select your file and click on the Choose Click on upload.


  1. Go back to home page then go to MySQL databases. The name of the database and username will be different with the new hosting account. Add the user to the databases and add privileges. Go to the file manager. Choose to show hidden files and select a home Go to the public_html directory. Upload the zip file so that you won’t overwrite the directory. Click on upload. Choose the correct file. Click on the upload button.


  1. Select compressed file and extract. You can delete the compressed file if you think you don’t need the copy anymore. Go to new public_html. Copy all directory and files to the main public_html. You can also use the move option.


  1. Some site might need to change some configuration. Do so if needed. Test your site to make sure the whole thing is working correctly.


You need first to do all your backup on the files needed (public_html) and MySQL databases.  Go to the new host on the cPanel and restore the MySQL databases.  Restore your website files on the new host on the Cpanel.


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