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What is hosting and why is needed?

What is hosting and why is needed?

Hosting is puzzling many website creators. Designing and creating your own website is not enough. It can only go live if you have web hosting service. It will store all the design and information that you created for your customers to see. It is the link that will let your website available on the internet.


For name and branding

Registering a domain name and keeping a website active is the same as keeping your name and branding.  It is used to recognize you and your business. For you to be known with an active website on the internet, you should be able to host your website. Creating a website will be of no use if you only registered your domain name but did not have web hosting service. You need first to create an account to get your website for hosting. The web hosting service usually through a hosting company is what makes your website content available to be accessed by anyone.


Customers get directed

Anybody who will search for your website by typing in your domain will be directed to your specific website. Once your customer gets directed to your website, they should be able to access your web data like your product information. Web hosting is the virtual area that you pay for on a web server that will store your website data like your web designs. Shared hosting is when you pay for space on the server where your web data will be placed for customers to access.


Physical and virtual

Virtual web host servers charge for the service they provide. You can have your own physical servers. Physical servers can be put up inside your home or company. Investing on your own server will cost you a lot of money. You will need to get a server, buy high-end computers, processors, and RAM. You should also have your own operating systems like Windows or Linux. You should also have the skills to be able to manage and run the servers. Most users prefer to pay for a hosting company to do all the work since they will save money and time managing the servers.


Easy and affordable

Once you hire a hosting company, they will provide the web design and data to your customers on your website. You don’t need to worry about maintaining and repairing servers because it will all be done by the web hosting company. You don’t need to buy expensive hosting because with web hosting expensive does not mean the best. Most web hosting companies offer services that are affordable for many users. You can upgrade your subscription once you notice an increase in traffic and your business is increasing sales.


Hosting is necessary to have your website accessed by anyone. Customers get directed to your own website thru hosting. It is important for your name and branding in your website domain to get out there. It can be physical servers or virtual servers through hosting companies that make it easy and affordable.


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